Sunday, February 4

Tree Planting -bikeystyle

So as Carl mentioned in his 'revolutions' post, we should all find some way to better ourselves each year. So for New Years, my resolution was to go beyond my small little bikey world, and be active in other ecologically fulfilling communities. I chose to plant trees this year as a statement of compassion. Of course in order to avoid hypocracy, I rode my bike over to the Friends of Trees planting event. I also brought along my trailer in case there was a need for tree hauling capacity. Needless to say I made quite an impression on the tree planting group. In fact I was mentioned in front of Mayor Potter for having offered to haul trees with my bike trailer. Then I was photographed by PGE's photographer, and finally I got about three trees over to the planting spots (it felt meager, but of course the trees weighed 80-100 lbs). I had a great time contributing to the beauty of my city and sharing with neighbors. I also learned a great deal from Steve who has planted dozens of trees throughout Portland. The homeowners of course were supremely grateful for our efforts (even though we were volunteers, the homeowners do pay for the service). I look forward to working again with Friends of Trees until the season ends in March.

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